10 May 2010

Multitude Monday ~ 1000 Gifts

#38 New friends, a little farther along the road, who are willing to give of themselves and their time to share some of the wisdom God has given as they've parented their family.

#39 cafe français

#40 clean bathrooms

#41 freshly folded laundry

#42 many verses memorized and meditated upon because of AWANA.

#43 baby goats what we hope to see soon.

#44 late night walks, just the two of us.

#45 fun and beautiful music performed by the school bands and choirs.

#46 ranch blts, french fries and soda shared with a still shakey girl after her guild audition.

#47 listening to her talk over our quick lunch without competition and about whatever she wanted - the topic was why her eyes are so green when both of her parents' eyes are blue.

#48 for how simple genetic science has captured her imagination.

#49 field trips to the farm.

#50 flower basket because I was the one with the most daughters.

#51 hard moments when Scripture confronts the reality of a sinful heart.

#52 an evening and late night full of family, friends, fun and laughter... so much laughter.

#53 river monsters while cuddling with the daughters.

#54 the delight of anticpating a visit with my incredible friend... in just a few more weeks.

#55 a working washing machine

#56 the one who called to get the men here to fix the washing machine so that it is working again.

#57 pay day.

holy experience

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  1. here hear for working washing machine and kid cuddling ~momster


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