26 October 2009

We Collected the Bug we were HOPING to Avoid...


We were hoping to catch a-lot-a-bugs... and we did! A bug collection is traditionally a 4th grade project... we were given the heads up before leaving Niger last summer, so we started collecting some good 'ole African bugs - even getting a few duplicates that we brought home to share!

Anna was delighted with her finished project... and although we helped a bit, she worked several hours on this project, and certainly earned the 119/100 points she received as a grade.

Can you figure out which bugs are part of the West African contingent that flew incognito on Air Maroc last summer?

My only questions (and they didn't "hatch" until I started filing and preparing photos to use on the blog the other day) were...

"How come these two critters
didn't make it into the collection?
If they found they in time to photo them,
couldn't they have put them in a kill jar?

Sadly, however, we've captured a few "undesired" bugs... and now another munchkin is manifesting signs of the flu. Please add our little "butterfly," Anna, to your prayer list. I'm super sad that she is sick, but I can't tell you how it delighted my heart that a few tears escaped from her eyes when I told her she'd have to stay home from today... She's loving it, and that is a huge prayer answered!

God is good!

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  1. I don't remember ever having to do a bug collection. It's a shame, too, cuz we had plenty of bugs around when I was growing up. Of course, most of them were then, and still are now, mosquitoes.

    I hope the little "bug"gers get to feeling better soon.


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