28 October 2009

Not Even an ALMOST Wordless Wednesday ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We took the child out of Africa... but we can't get Africa out of the child!

Don't forget to turn off the music player in our side bar before watching this video.

Sorry this is tipped on its side - I have no idea what to do to turn video into "portrait..." so we just turn our heads sideways to watch. :-) I walked through the door after Brendan's soccer game last Friday and Rebekah couldn't wait to show us this video they took of Elsie Mae in the basement... I can promise you, we DIDN'T teach her THAT... but we certainly chuckled when we saw the video.

On another note - we've now got 5 of our school kids home, sick with the flu, including Elsie Mae, Victoria and Nadia. We do appreciate your prayers.

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