03 October 2009

~ Opening Day ~

~was October 1. A few days before, Tim and his friend from church, Gabe, had gone out, set up their tree stands and scoped things out; then they were out of the house by 6 on Thursday morning... but came home empty handed. Tim said all he saw that morning were squirrels. Gabe couldn't hunt that evening, so Tim went back on his own. He saw several deer and shot at what he thought was a 4 point. Although he was pretty sure he'd hit the deer, he didn't find it that night in the dark, so he and Gabe went back the next morning... and voilà! If you look carefully, you can count and see that there are actually 5 points on this buck.

They located the deer with the help of the man who was letting him hunt on his property - and Tim has spent the last two days butchering the critter... up until 3 in the morning last night and back to work again this morning...

...Rebekah (she was looking for any excuse to escape housework) helped him grind up several pounds of meat - and when they were done, the freezer looked like...

...this! We ate venison steak for dinner tonight! And we owe Gabe a huge thanks for all his help... we are hoping he gets the 6 point wandering around out there. Tim saw him come up to his scrape just a few minutes after he'd shot his deer!

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  1. why do they never look happy in the shots with their captured prey?


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