30 October 2009

On Target

One of Rebekah's birthday gifts was a junior bow, and she loves practicing.

Dad is always willing to give pointers and as Rebekah keeps practicing...

...she keeps improving! That shot might have actually done some damage.

Of course, anything Rebekah tries, Anna has to try, too. I've never quite figured my girls out... Nadia and Anna are best buddies, but Rebekah and Anna have much more similar interests, even though their personalities are so amazingly different - I sometimes wonder that God placed them in the same family.

Not too bad for her first attempt at letting one fly.

Watch out

(Still sippin' fun memories, but I think we've left summer behind and now have reached early autumn, the first chill in the air and the beginning leaves tumbling from the branch.)

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  1. This is great! I think I was about Anna's age, maybe younger, when I was taught how to shoot a bow and a gun. I think every child should be taught proper respect for life--human and animal--and should be taught proper respect, handling, and targeting of a weapon. I guarantee it would cut down dramatically on hunting accidents, and especially on household accidents.


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