13 October 2009

Life in Niger - Are You Ready for some "Futbol!"

Folks in W. Africa are passionate about soccer.
An interesting, culturally, read...
...all about a local soccer championship match.

"The Rematch" (a 2nd installment)

Hopefully, she'll write about the 3rd attempt to determine a champion

Now I'm just dying to know who wins the championship!"

I don't think any soccer games at the high school right behind our house ever got this "exciting;" but there was no doubt (from all the cheering, booing, mass groaning and squeals as well as mass groups of people mosey-ing along in the direction of the school) of the nights they were playing games, especially important ones!

Photos and blog by Rebecca Evans (An "all grown up" Niger MK now working in Benin, her parents have been tremendous encouragements to our family while we've been in Niger.)

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