01 December 2008

Keeping the Vigil...

Often in Niger, we find it difficult to get in the Christmas spirit... it just doesn't feel like Christmas... not cold enough, no snow, no Christmas carols played over sound systems in the stores, no lights decorating homes around town... even at church, while we may sing some Christmas hymns and carols - they sound different, especially in a different language and to the accompaniment of a drum... so many of the "trappings" that we identify with the Christmas season are not easily a part of our lives in Niger.

However even though back in the US and enjoying all of the above mentioned "trappings", I'm finding that it can be easy to miss out on the Christmas spirit here, too. Only here, it is not because of a lack, but because of too much - too much distraction and too much frivolous busyness to take the time to meditate on why we even have a Christmas.

Thus, I really appreciated the following read from what is probably my favorite blog to follow, Holy Experience, entitled "Finding Christmas." May we all search for Christ's presence this Christmas season, in spite of all the distractions or walking through the desert minues all the typical reminders, for if we seek Him, He promises we will find Him.


  1. Thank you for the link to the other blog--it was a blessing! AND CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BIRTH OF YOUR NEWEST DAUGHTER!!


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