11 December 2008

Happy (Belated) 8th Birthday, Anna - Notre Petite Québecoise

Anna made her appearance just over 8 years ago, on December 5, 2000. There were two particularly unique things about her arrival: 1) We were in the frozen winter wonderland of Québec studying French, and 2) It took her 5 days of labor before she decided to make an appearance.

Daddy and Mama, on a language school outing a few months before Anna was due to arrive.

Perhaps the most famous landmark in Québec - the Chateau Frontenac.

City lights at night, from the St. Lawrence River.

Visiting at the hospital, after Anna FINALLY arrived.

Our Christmas family photo in 2000.

The kids with Miss Amber, the young woman who joined us in Québec as a nanny for our kids while we were in language school.

Richelle and Anna visiting with one of Richelle's language partners.

Some pictures of our winter wonderland that year.

Richelle found that putting Anna in her snow suit, in the snuggli and bundling her under her own coat was the best way to keep her warm when we wanted to be out and about for different activities, like the annual Winter Festival.

When we first saw others pulling their kids around, bundled in a car seat and fastened to a sled, we couldn't quite picture ourselves doing it. As you can see, it didn't take us long to warm up to the idea!

When the snow was minimal (or not there at all), we'd use the bike trailer as a stroller and it worked very well. Even with all the different weather extremes, people used public transport and walked a lot more than we were used to doing in the States.

AND THEN... we moved to Niamey, Niger...

This is a favorite memories of our first year here - this "elephant slide."


Here is our Christmas picture a year later - just after Anna turned 1 year old.

And here she is again, our beautiful 8 year old!


  1. I didn't remember that Jack and Anna were born only a week apart. I was just sitting down to do a "birthday post" for Jack when I saw this. Happy belated birthday, Anna!

  2. did you notice the picture of jack in the stroller/bike trailer with anna???

  3. I can't believe she's 8 already- Happy Belated bday, Anna. You are a beautiful young lady!
    I so remember...
    I was just telling Brad the other day that my kids now are the ages your kiddos were when we were in Quebec- only I have one less ;) It's fun for me to remember Brendan at 5 and now having my own 5 year old boy...I think they would've been good friends ;)


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