30 December 2008

Growing and Changing FAST!

You'd think I'd be used to that fact by now...

...but I'm not.

Yesterday was a first - from her first shower, she has loved them, until it is time to turn the shower off and leave the hot water behind. From that point on, until she was dressed and cuddly warm again (and usually with some warm milk in her belly, just for comfort), she'd protest. LOUDLY. VERY. VERY. LOUDLY. Yesterday (and today), however, she enjoyed the whole process: gently being dried off, rubbed and massaged with lotion, tickles and kisses while getting dressed, playing with her toes while inserting those little feet into teensie socks that still swallow those feet, having her hair combed and gelled. She even delighted her mama with some smiles and coos - the genuine thing! Wonder if that means she is going to be a talker...

We would ask you to pray for her - for good health, in particular, but also for the uneventful and rapid delivery of her Niger visa. She has had a cold - and the other two are recovering from colds that turned very croupy at the end. We are praying this doesn't end up one of those illnesses with respiratory repercussions... as we did have one of our newbies hospitalized with RSV several years ago. Thanks, in advance, for those prayers. And... three more Sundays (and counting) until we head back to Niger and are reunited as a family.


  1. Praying for the visa situation. Any news on that yet? I'm enjoying your blog. Adorable baby! And you got to see Selah in concert? That sounds great. I'll keep checking in.

  2. Have visa - will travel. Just need the paper ticket that they insist on for a lap child. I can't believe how expensive it is to travel with a nursing lap child...

    We think she's pretty adorable and we are definitely counting down the days. Our 4 year old counts by how many Sundays we have left!


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