08 December 2008

Gracious Friends, Gorgeous Flowers

We'd be remiss if we didn't include a few photos of Mary Michelle with our friend, Kathleen.

Kathleen graciously agreed to "hang out" with Richelle during labor and delivery. Her presence and expertise (she's a labor and delivery nurse) was a huge encouragement to our family, and her delightful company and conversation helped Richelle pass the time during a long, slow moving day, not to mention the fact that she was a fabulous labor coach once Mary decided to finally join us. We owe her a huge thank you for serving our family in this way!

The other photos are the of the beautiful flower arrangements Richelle and Mary received while in the hospital - the roses from Rebekah and her Grandpa Gene; the other arrangement came to Mary, from her "Baba" in Niger. He (and the rest of the gang there) can't wait to meet her in person.

And we included this photo today, just 'cause it is soooooooo cute! Don't you agree?

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