06 October 2008

Today at lunch...

...we were eating chef salads (rabbit food, as Tim likes to remind me!). Jonathan snatched up the eggs, meat, tomatoes and cucumbers right away - he's not so crazy about the lettuce. Finally, he looked over at his daddy and said: "Me need help."

Tim replied, "No. Say I need help."

"Me need help," was Jonathan's response.

"No, Jon-man. Say I need help," Tim repeated.

"Me need help." ... and so went the conversation for several additional exchanges.

Finally, Tim said in a slightly exasperated tone, "Jonathan, say it right. Say I need help."

To which Jonathan replied, "Ok Baaba. You need help."

We all burst out laughing! :-)


  1. Tim, Richelle,
    You are paying for your youth!!!
    Mom and I love it!


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