22 October 2008

The Latest Addition to our Menagerie

Last Saturday morning, Richelle, the big girls and our friend Mary all went out to breakfast and then did the weekly grocery shopping together. One of our last stops was the the veggie stand... which is right next to the place that sells birds - of all sorts of variety. What you see is what you get, depending on the day. Last Saturday, Rebekah spotted a falcon crammed into a way too small cage, and decided that we needed to get the bird for her brother.

Ever since his owl, Silver, died several months ago, he's been talking about getting another bird of prey, but the opportunity had not yet presented itself. Since his Brendan's birthday is in just a few weeks, she felt that this was the perfect opportunity. She proceeded to convince her mama and then bargained the price of the bird down to an acceptable price... so we came home with a falcon.

Both Brendan and Tim were surprised, and overwhelmed, to say the least. But we think Brendan is delighted and excited. Tim's big question: "What about the chickens and the chicks?"

My response to that was that if he protects my gardens from the chickens (i.e. keeps them caged and not wandering around the yard, digging up my flowers and ground cover to find bugs), then he won't have to worry about the falcon getting ahold of his chickens. I'm still not sure that he believes my motives were entirely pure (i.e. the perfect birthday present for my boy), in bringing home this chicken predator...

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Predatory chicken policing or pet?

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