21 October 2008

Loving the Fall Weather...

We wanted to post a quick note, thanking everyone who prayed for Richelle and kids as they travelled back to the States. Except for a looooooong wait at customs in Detroit, the trip went very well, the kids were well-behaved little troopers, and they are already moved into the missionary house where they will be living.

They did miss the peak fall colors, but it is still beautiful, the leaves are falling, the sun is shining in a gorgeous blue sky with lovely cotton-ball clouds, and the temperature is in the 40s. Couldn't ask for a more perfect fall day! And, Richelle opened the fridge this morning to find that a friend had been to the house to leave her and the kids a treat... they haven't dug into it yet, but it has lots of raspberries all over the top! Yummmmmmmmmmmmm!

Please continue to pray for our family during our 3+ month separation... and thanks, in advance!

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