30 October 2008

A Funny Piece of Niger News

Tim and I were chatting on line earlier today - when he said the most hilarious thing. If you've been following our blog for any time now, you know that Tim and the kids have started raising chickens. We've got one hen who is an egg layer, one who is raising chicks, a rooster and two young roosters that have survived from our first batch of chicks.

We've often lamented the fact that the rooster seems to know exactly where our bedroom window is and even before the sun rises, will position himself there and begin crowing for all he's worth. And contrary to what I had always thought - that roosters crow 5 or 6 times and then are finished for the day - this guy will go on and on - for and hour or longer, crowing every minute or so. We think he's trying to tell us he's hungry and to come out and feed him.

This morning, Tim said he was awakened at 5:30 by one of the young roosters... attempting to crow. And he said he woke up laughing, because the little guy was crowing, but he had it all backwards.

Try and figure it out for yourself...
What does "Cock-a-doodle-doo" sound like... in reverse?

Meanwhile, Rebekah Joy sits here in chilly Michigan, bemoaning the fact that she wasn't there to hear his first crow...


  1. I hope that you are able to enjoy chilly Michigan. We are praying for you and missing you. We saw Tim at Brendan's parent teacher interviews and he seems to be surviving all the challenges. Love, The other Niger Wrights

  2. Congratulations on daughter number six, you were "Wright", Richelle! :) So still trying to figure out a name? We are praying for you and Rebekah especially and for Jonny and L.C. that they will be able to relax in their new surroundings and know the peace that only God can give. PRaying that you will be able to get lots of rest before this next one is born!!


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