28 May 2007

Celebrating a Dolphin-lovin,' Decade-old Delightful Daughter

Happy 10th Birthday, Rebekah Joy!

It is so hard to believe that she is actually 10 years old... Wow!

Wow again!

Actually make that a double: Wow, wow!

The 25th of May,we had a "dolphin party" with about 22 silly, screaming girls. Imagine that: 22 girls, about half who speak French while the other half speak English; at least 4 or 5 don't know how to swim; and culturally, birthday parties are very different. But by the grace of God, everyone stayed safe, everyone stayed cool and wet, and Rebekah and her friends all say they had a great time.
Daddy and Mama are, however, breathing sighs of relief that the next big birthday (for them) isn't until Victoria turns 5 next February. Elsie Mae turns 1 in September - but one year olds just aren't the partiers the older kids are.

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