23 May 2007

Mission Impossible

Just about a year ago, our kids participated in their 1st "Mission Impossible." And boy did it make an impression - they've been literally holding their breaths, waiting for this year's event... ...which took place last Friday night.

Imagine 60 or so kids, dressed in camoflauge and dark colors, faces and all exposed skin painted black, creeping stealthily through the African night searching for clues which they then have to deposit for safe keeping, at the same time trying to avoid enemy agents who can take their lives - and trying to earn enough points that they outscore the other team who is trying to do the same thing.

Brendan and Anna were on one team; Rebekah and Nadia were on the other team. After over 2 hours of sweating and stumbling around in the dark, running like mad people around the Sahel Academy campus and trying to work together as a team to earn points, all players were called back to the dining hall to hear the results...

Can you find Brendan and Anna amidst the cheering, screaming children? ????????????????

...And the saga begins all over again - as for approximately the next 12 months, we'll have 4 children begging to know when the next "Mission Impossible" will be held.

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