01 June 2007

Introducing our very own "Jon-boy"

I remember when Brendan was just a little tyke - Jonathan looks a lot like him. People would always warn us, "Beware, those terrible twos - they are coming!"
With Brendan, however, we quickly renamed them "The Terribly Terrific Two's," as we found that a particularly delightful age. It wasn't until we started having little girls that we began to experience why others referred to that two-year old time as "terrible."

With our Jonathan, we are once again enjoying "The Terribly Terrific Two's." Now, that is not to say that Jonathan is a perfect child... but he is
...as we are sure you can tell from these pictures.

He loves to play with cars and trucks. He also likes his dinosaurs - sometimes they are eating the girls' baby dolls... other times they are the mama and daddy dinosaur taking care of all the baby dinosaurs.

He also "tags along" at school and even though he mostly refuses to talk (although he does sing quite understandably in his sleep.... hmmmmm), he already has several of his phonics sounds down quite well.

He's a fish in the water and a dare-devil diver - putting on a show as he jumps and twirls from the diving board amusing all who take a few minutes to watch.
But best of all, he is a sweet, affectionate and alert little boy who loves to be right there in the middle of whatever is going on around the house.

And just like almost every other little boy - he loves and lives to eat!

So yes, once again, we are finding the two's to be much more terrific than terrible. Maybe it is because our boys take after their daddy while the girls take after their mama???

Or maybe it is because it is just too easy to forget whatever was the problem as it is so easy to get lost in the mischevious smile and beautiful blue eyes of our young'un!

Hope you enjoy some of the many faces of our very own "Jon-boy!"

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