11 June 2007

Last, but certainly NOT Least, Here's NADIA -

Technically, she is Nadia Monique Wright. Born in Midland, MI - in the midst of a snowstorm (I was actually starting to panic that Grandma wasn't going to make it to the house to watch the others before Tim and I would really need to leave for the hospital...) I had to save her for last to introduce her, because keeping up with her social schedule requires about 6 calendars. Nadia demonstrates the truth of the proverb that if you want to have many friends, you must first show yourself friendly!
Nadia just seems to make friends everywhere we go. When we leave, people always ask when Nadia can come back. Now, I understand that here, part of this is because Nadia is also a "local" name just like "Halima," "Aisha," and "Ibrahim," but there is more to it. It also happens when we are home in the States or visiting with expats. She gets more birthday invitations than any kid could possibly attend. Nadia loves people and people know that as soon as they meet her. She is interested in them and likes to talk with them and share about things that she loves. I've learned so much from her - and it all seems to come so naturally to her.
She is also fabulous with little ones, chooses to walk away from an argument rather than insist on her own way (well, unless the argument is with one of her sisters), very responsible and often a perfectionist. She adores animals, in particular her kitty - Night. Now, if we could just get her to speak in an inside voice, especially in the car...
These pictures of Nadia were taken when she went to visit a friend of hers who lives out in the bush - and both girls had an awesome time playing with the kittens. They are now busy plotting and planning for a second trip, in which Nadia brings a few of her sisters along with her.

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