19 March 2014

Better LATE than NEVER ~ Photos from CBA's Spirit Week, Day TWO ~

Thankfully Tuesday and Thursday of Spirit Week only includes the high school dressing up.
Even at that, getting everyone out the door and to school on time that week
equaled a huge challenge...


So here we are, at Day TWO...

Can you guess the theme for the day?
And what in the world each of my girlies was impersonating?

This right here, Rebekah's costume, 
just might have been my favorite costume of the week!

Unfortunately, I didn't actually catch Nadia for a photo until she'd partially removed her costume... in the interest of actually engaging academics for at least a few hours.

We forgot that Anna had a dentist appointment this morning.
She went just like this.
The ladies at the dentist's office found this quite humorous...
And Anna? She just smiled and rolled with it!


Correctly guess the costume/theme for each Wrightling... or be the closest to doing so... and we've got a gift for you! 

We'll even mail it overseas!

(PS This contest is not open to CBA folks... 'cause as my Wrightlings say, "That would be cheating!")

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