12 March 2014

Answering Spirit Day Questions ~ from last week!

Day 1 for the biggers was "Hero/Villain Day."
Do you know who they are?

Rebekah dressed up as Astrid... from How to Train Your Dragon.
That movie and the Saturday morning episodes you can buy on DVD - well, our kids are a little obsessive about them and that's putting it mildly!

Nadia looked very blue as Smurfette - and those blue pants are now her favorite lounge-around-the-house-jammie pants!

Her face did retain that blue-ish tint for the next couple of days, too.

Anna self-transformed into Malificent, from Sleeping Beauty fame - and I was so glad she won because that girl thought hard, came up with creative solutions using what we had around the house, planned lots and spent much time working on her costume.

She wanted to win... and she did.
Gotta love her determination!

The elementary kiddos' classes worked off of a class color theme.

Tori's class colors were black and white... and we discovered that these days, duct tape is no longer just a boring silver grey. 
Instead, it comes in all sorts of fun, wild and crazy colors and patterns.

Who would've guessed?

Jonathan just about had a melt-down when we pulled out a bright, neon pink shirt for him to wear with his green camo pants.

His class colors were pink and green.

He was okay with it afterwards, though... when he saw that most of the other boys in his class were wearing pink too... and when he saw from the tag that the pink shirt actually did come from the boys' department at Walmart.

Last, but certainly not least, Elsie Mae's first grade class chose light blue and white for their class colors. How's that? About the most perfect choice for winter! They made the hats in class and then it was pretty easy to figure out the rest, especially since she has that gorgeous snowflake covered and super warm sweatshirt and her blue and white flowered snow boots (which she loves) and which were a gift from Missionary Christmas last year..

She had to throw in a Niger scarf, tied and draped around her waist!

And there you have it!
Thanks to those of you who responded via FB, email or commenting!

The winner is cousin Kim Wright... she didn't get them ALL right... but she was purty doggone close!

Stay tuned... next week will bring more photos and more guessing, if you're game!

Which costume was your favorite from day one... and why?

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