20 March 2014

of butterflies, brothers, spring breaks and sisters

Mary Michelle had a field trip to the Butterfly House at Dow Gardens this week.

I'd hoped to go with her. She'd been begging me to tag along for at least ONE of her field trips this year.

But Jonathan woke up with a fever and a super sore throat... I was stuck at home and biggest brother got drafted... although he didn't know it yet because like most college students home on break, he was sleeping in.

Honestly he wasn't super excited about the idea either... but he's a softie when it comes to his baby sis... so he didn't fuss too much.

He reluctantly got himself ready and headed over to the school, with my newly repaired camera shoved in his coat pocket.

In the end, big bro was glad he went... and actually has been talking about going back.

Mary Michelle later informed me, "Mama, I'm glad you couldn't go with me and that Brendan got to instead. He's fun!"


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