11 March 2013

Three months AND three days AND counting...

...with both a sense of anticipation, nervousness and,
depending on the day,
either a little bit or a lotta bit of dread!

We've accomplished a lot since Christmas (in no particular order):
  • Home assignment housing secured?     
  • Plane tickets purchased?     
  • Hotel reservations made?       
  • Travel vehicles, where required, rented     ✔ .............


If you are interested to see what else is on our "list," head on over to Missionary Mom's Companion, where I'm continuing the series on preparing for home assignment. If you have any ideas or suggestions or comments, be sure to comment. I love to hear what YOU have to say!


  1. Tried to post this on Missionary Mom's Companion but it wasn't working :)
    I really appreciated this list, and processing this with you as you share. We came back last December for home assignment with similar questions, and I think it is so helpful to work through these matters. Especially, “Are there unresolved on-field relationships I need to reconcile before leaving?”
    For me, it helped to pray through the questions during quiet times, and to talk them through with my husband in the evenings.

    1. Glad you found it helpful. It is always good for me to go back through all of this and think through these things. I'm trying to be especially intentional this time - as I've got teenage/young adult kids who are also probably leaving their home for a significant chunk of time... if not for good.

      Glad you found a strategy that worked for you, as well. And thanks for persisting to leave a comment!


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