10 March 2013

~ A Bouquet of Banquet Photos ~

I can not take any credit for most of these photos... They are almost totally and completely scavenged from Facebook. Gotta love Facebook for that very reason!

Don't my kiddos look great?

a "waterfall" braid in Nadia's hair

the girls who got dressed at our house

2 cool guys who came to pick up some of those girls

the third guy finally arrived

This was what I got when I told the girls to look sexy!

And the corresponding photo for the guys...

right before they all left in the W. African "limo"

Nadia and Caleb

Gavin and Rachel

Colton and Amelia

my 8th grade girl

my 7th grade girl

Rebekah Joy

British buddies of my crew - Amelia and Josh

THE 8th grade girls

Anna and Suji

THE 7th grade girls

Josh and Rebekah

lots of pure silliness

Miss Oostra and her Bible study girls (she's also Tori's teacher!)

some of the bigger girls... and someone sneaking in

Rebekah and her girlfriends

Ekah & Alicia

if you wanna see something fun, compare this picture with their banquet picture from a few years ago!

Shoes? Anyone?
Facebook scavenging accomplished via the pages of Jessica Neff, Mariah Banke, and Nicole Wetmore. Thanks, ladies! For what its worth, I did take some of the photos myself, as well.


  1. That waterfall braid is beautiful as are all the young men and women featured in these photos!

  2. they all look lovely, but i'm particularly struck by nadia. what beautiful young ladies God has given us!

    1. She's growing up fast, isn't she? He most certainly has.

  3. Awww I love girls, they are all so beautiful. Time goes by fast. :)

    1. these girls CAN'T WAIT to see you in a few months, either!


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