04 March 2013

The mercury's rising

Let’s talk about the weather... even though frankly, I’d really rather not -
-but that is because it is miserably, uncomfortably hot these days.

When we talk about the weather here, we say we have three seasons:


miserably, uncomfortably hot, and

even worse.

That miserably, uncomfortably hot has begun… well over 104’F/40’C during the afternoon... every day, most of the day. We still have a long chunk of time (and I know it will only get worse) before we get to the start of the rains and a return to the simple hot, probably sometime in mid to late June.

I dread this time every year....

To read the rest, head on over to a life overseas: the missions conversation... and then hope right on in to the conversation! Can't wait to run into you over there!

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