07 March 2013

Senior Year, 2013

"Graduation is only a concept." 

 "In real life every day you graduate."

"Graduation is a process that goes on 
until the last day of your life."

 "If you can grasp that, you'll make a difference."  
~Arie Pencovici

And it's really happening... soon!

June 6, 2013


  1. love the ones where he is smiling! he has a great smile! surely you are not old enough for this!? praying for you all as the heat increases.

    1. i like them all... but his smile really it one to die for! thanks for the prayers. :-)

      last hot season, for awhile at least!

  2. So handsome!! Did you take the photos?? Oh your mother heart must be simultaneously proud and pensive for this next step in Brendan's life. Wish we could be there for grad. We are missing you all so much!
    Love, Janice (the whole Phillips gang)

    1. no - i didn't take these photos. there's a gal here doing photojournalistic stuff as a part of her internship... here with SIM for about 6 weeks, total, i think. she did a wonderful job, edited the photos and put his name/grad year on them for us.

      i am proud - and i think, at least at the moment, more excited than pensive, about his future steps. he seems ready... now may God give wisdom and discernment as we continue to parent through this next phase. :-)


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