03 January 2012

You want to teach Sunday School? Go find your own scholars...

Surprising statement?

I thought so...

It is not exactly your typical response to one seeking to serve in her church's Sunday School program is it? ...yet it was essentially what Rosalind Goforth was told.
"Some years later, having moved to a strange city, a great longing came to do some definite service for my Master. One day there came to the Bible class I attended a call for teachers to aid in a Sunday School nearby. When I presented myself before the superintendent and offered my services, it is not much wonder I received a rebuff, for I was young and quite unknown. I was told that if I wished a class, it would be well for me to find my own scholars. I can remember how a lump seemed choking me all the way home that day.
At last, determining not to be baffled, I prayed the Lord to help me get some scholars, I went forth, praying every step of the way, the following Saturday afternoon; and canvassing just one short street near our home, I received the promise of nineteen children for Sunday school. The next day a rather victorious young woman walked up to the Sunday school superintendent with seventeen children following. Needless to say I was given a class."
Just imagine how the church might grow if we were all so determined to serve and minister...

I've discovered an on-line treasure... and am now working my way through ~

How I Know God Answers Prayer
The Personal Testimony of One Lifetime
by Rosalind Goforth

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