01 January 2012

What a word picture to begin the New Year!

The nature of water is yielding,
and that of a stone is hard.

Yet if you hang up a bottle
filled with water
above the stone
so that the water drips
drop by drop,
it will wear a hole in the stone.

In the same way the Word of God is tender,
and our heart is hard.

So when people hear the word of God frequently,
their hearts are opened to the fear of God."

 ~ Abba Poeman ~

Pray, as we begin this new year of ministry in Niger, seeking to make God's Word accessible and available through:
  • Radio programs
  • Radio preaching
  • Audio/visual productions
  • Post-dubbing of evangelistic, biblically based films
  • Recording of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs
  • Preaching at church
  • Teaching Sunday School
  • Teaching Bible Studies
  • Teaching women to read in their heart language
  • Instruction from a biblical worldview and perspective in all subjects
  • Building and deepening relationships
Pray fervently that His Word will penetrate and change hearts like never before, that His name will be lifted high in this parched, poverty-stricken land.

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