30 January 2012

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts ~ Reconnecting

Wow! I knew it had been a few weeks since my last Multitude Monday post... I didn't realize it had been nearly a month. Internet has been bipolar in this country for the last month. First, we didn't have it at all. Since then it was either really good or really bad, depending on the moment; those moments I have actually had to blog have coincided with the bad ones. WAWA-ed (West Africa wins again) yet once again! We've even thought things were back to normal again... only to have our cyber traffic crawl to a halt, yet another time. So, who knows?

I have a long list to post - it has been four weeks, ya know! - so I won't chatter along too much, but I did want to mention two thoughts that have been rumbling and rampaging about in my mind since hearing them in church yesterday:
  1. At our morning, Nigerien, service, the preacher reminded his listeners that "...if you just show up to listen to the teaching and are not actively using your gifts or seeking to minister to others in the church family, then you really don't belong... you aren't really a member of the family."
  2. At the evening worship service, generally a gathering of expats where we worship in a bit more western (and natural for me) style, the speaker asked if anyone actually knew what it was like to stand before real royalty... you know, like they show in the movies... where you immediately bow or kneel or do something to lower and humble yourself and your position simply because you are in the presence of one who is undeniably recognized as awesome and powerful and above you?
I'd like to share more about my mental rumblings and rampagings... and will later this week... but first wondered:
What is your initial reaction
to either one (or both) of those thoughts?

this week's gratitude list:
(#s 1827 - 1879)

a lovely cool season this year

the fun of feeling the season beginning to change

beautiful maniac guard dogs who don't let anyone near the house without letting us know

the encouragement of a spiritual life conference

the challenge of a spiritual life conference

listening to friends give God the credit and the glory for all He is doing... all over this country

soft-hearted teens

Sunday morning breakfast - delivered

Education conferences

being reminded of what I already know... and learning some new stuff, too... about those amazing creatures called "third culture kids"

big boys making decisions - even when I don't agree

the priviledge of discipling

an opportunity that was not only unexpected... it was undreamed of

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman - many fun nights with the kiddos

the teachable moments and good discussions that have followed episodes of that tv show

romantic movie soundtracks to work to

full schedules

watching horseback riding lessons

beautiful and ornery stallions that make my girl smile

bipolar internet forcing me to plan my time on line... and be flexible when those plans don't work

researching questions

everyone, at least for the moment, more or less healthy

a night without coughing

M&M actually choosing to sleep with her sisters now... sometimes

clean laundry

hair growing longer

giving things away that we no longer need or use

melon surprise growing in our garden (along with watermelons and tomatoes... and hopefully cucumbers, very soon)

trial and error gardening learning curve

a very special new fb friend... my brand new thirteen year old Nadia

international dancing

clean floors

omelettes and coffee and hot chocolate for a Saturday morning breakfast

finding a routine again

asking about bamboo poles... and finding them the first try

having a game plan... even while knowing that plan will probably look totally different in a few months

studying Job in detail - again

reading recovery lessons

teaching algebra to a motivated student

great kids

culture questions

Mamata's progress as she continues to work to learn to read

feeling alone which forces me to look elsewhere

finishing up the dishes on Monday morning before I leave for work

three year old dish washing helper

visiting with Safana... and finding out that her mother is okay

praying for the salvation of dear friends

the thought that hanging tight to hope and faith even when you have no reason to is the type of sincere faith that pleases God

amazing verses scattered all throughout the book of Job

God's faithfulness in teaching despite my lack of faithfulness in striving to learn

green-growing-like-crazy-vines coloring my otherwise mostly orange yard

sharing a blanket with a friend who doesn't have one

singing my favorite praise and worship song at church last night


  1. what's your favorite worship song, Richelle?

  2. "i stand in awe" by mark altrogge - an oldie, but been one of my most favorite for many years! how about you?

    1. I love SO many songs. Right now I'm listening a lot to Run in the Night by Jars of Clay.

    2. and what is it about that song that has so captured you for the moment? i'm not familiar with it... most of my music listening the past few weeks has had to do with the dance elective i'm teaching at school this semester... :-)

    3. I've feel like recently I've awoken from a deep, paralyzing sleep, not truly understanding the full meaning of the GOSPEL in and for my day-to-day. This song is chock-full of the truths I need to remind myself of daily. Look at thy lyrics!!!

      Run in the Night by Jars of Clay

      I know who I am
      Once I was nameless, alone and You found me
      You formed my knees to bend
      You called me beloved
      I am perfection

      All my failures won't condemn me
      Or leave me paralyzed and bound
      And when I'm at my worst
      Your love, it finds me first
      By You I can run in the night
      For by You I can run in the night

      For I am such a man
      Seized by the power of a great perfection
      No matter where I am
      Peace spreads below me in every direction

      When evil sets the war upon me
      I won't stumble, I won't fall
      And though they do their worst
      Your love has found me first
      For by You I can run in the night
      For by You I can run in the night
      For by You I can run in the night

      Hide me in the shelter of...
      Keep me in the cover of...
      Lead me in the light of Your love
      Hide me in the light of Your love

      For by You I can run in the night
      For by You I can run in the night
      For by You I can run in the night
      For by You I can run in the night

    4. so... i think i'm gonna have to go take a look/listen to this song. :-)

      i read your "i believe" page. that lesson - that the once for all gospel is the very same gospel that "resurrects" the value of each day ~ each moment, even when i've done all that i can to bury it... pretty amazing stuff... pretty amazing God!

      thanks for sharing!

  3. Clicked over from Ann's and so glad I did...hope the your internet stays up so I can read more from you!

  4. Enjoyed reading your list ...gratitude in the midst of a busy ministry life. As to your question...my reactions are:
    1. Family question: Hmmm. Those who just "show up" probably aren't a "member of THE family." but they are closer and need to be aware that their presence is some sort of a desire and an opportunity for us to affect them even though their presence may not have any effect on the local body and it's goals.

    2. Being before royalty? Not in this time and space but everyday we step into the heavenly throne room and we bow to recognize that He is the giver of all of life and all we need. Bow hearts, bowed knees in the presence of the only wise King. Just my thoughts.

    The Lord bless you in each area of your life and protect you and your family!

  5. thanks, susan! i enjoyed reading your responses.


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