27 January 2012

Five Minute Friday ~ Tender

I see the word tender and I don't think "adjective."

I think "noun..." and I see people who have been "tenders" in my life.

...because a "tender" is a person who allows him or herself to be stretched, always self-inclining towards people, paying attention.

A "tender" notices details, remembers them and then acts on those memories.

"Tenders" mind the hurts of other. They hurt with them, objecting that something is causing a precious one pain, watching over and walking through the aches together. "Tenders" strive to stop injury at its source.

"Tenders" are likely to look after or care for those who need guidance and direction, gently pointing them in the way.

"Tenders" overlook faults, yet don't excuse them, all the while gently shepherding in better direction, always discipling.

"Tenders" nurture and cultivate relationships in all they are, say and do, for they grasp that people really are God's priority.

Lord, grant me your grace and your strength, to be a "tender" this day, this moment... and to have the courage to pray this prayer every day.

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