15 December 2011

The puppies have all grown up!

I don't know if we've "introduced" our animal menagerie (much smaller than it has been in the past) ~

~so today is brought to you by our two dogs Butterscotch and Beethoven! They were given to Anna (and probably Nadia) last year at Anna's birthday party by one of the girls' friends from Ecole Alliance.

Butterscotch is the not-so-little girl, and the lighter colored of the two dogs. Beethoven is the quite-a-bit bigger, darker colored one. I noticed just how perfectly named Butterscotch was when I was making butterscotch pudding the other day... she really is, just about exactly, the color of homemade butterscotch pudding!

They both love to run, jump and play - the 2 meter high fences on their enclosure couldn't contain Butterscotch... it is no 3.5 meters, or so. They love to love on the kids, although they don't know their own strength and have given Mary Michelle more than a few tumbles. And no unknown person approaches our house without us being aware, as for the most part, they are pretty quiet - but when someone walks within their hearing or viewing range, boy do they make a racket!

They've been hours of fun, especially for the big and not so big girls!

It is fun to watch the girls try and work with them and train them... a great learning experience. Their goal is to get them calm enough that they will one day be able to come sit with the family in the house of the evenings, because the love very much to be with us.

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