09 December 2011

5 Minute Friday ~ Color

(I'm a day late - this was written yesterday, but I was too tired to take the time to actually post...)

When you live on the backside of the desert, in one of the harsher climates and among one of the poorest populations worldwide, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the browns, oranges, dust covered greens and harmattan hazy faded blues that tend to characterize this land.

Until you look at the people with their vibrant, brightly colored clothing. Patterns may clash, pagnes may be threadbare - but color abounds. From brilliant sky blues to deep greens, golden sunset yellows and near to neon orange, colors brighten the fabric of what could be a dismal life. And the colors aren't just in the materials people wear - they are a part of everything, even the buckets (and other containers) they bear as they come to the well each day, seeking water. They radiate in their smiles, laughter and friendly hospitality, painting my life like a kaleidescope. It is astonishing to see as brilliant flashes of vivid hues emerge from a mud brick house or thatched hut, because for months, the rest of this land is tinted with a dull orangey brown that fatigues the eyes so that I long for a respite, just a touch of anything else. As that color awakens my physical senses, the Spirit quickens my heart to realize that there is no such thing as a colorless soul - every soul gifted with life by our Creator exudes vivacious color... effervescent hues that reflect his very image. 

Isn't that how it is supposed to be?

The "things" in life all around us should make up the background or scenery... and they must pale in comparison to the colorful, real, living and eternal precious personalities whose lives intersect with our own.

(Photos by Jessica Neff)

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  1. I love the image that the people are the vibrant color and the landscape is the background.


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