19 December 2011

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts ~ 17 and counting...

Saturday we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary...

and hosted a birthday party with several friends for our best anniversary present ever, our... 

not-so-little-much-tougher-than-I-thought-but-still-the-baby-boy Jonathan!

Gratitude for the wonderful gift of both guys in my life
definitely tops my list today!

this week's gratitude list
(#'s 1758 - 1777)

celebrating birthday and anniversary the week before we celebrate Christ Incarnate... 

that such infinite thankfulness all snuggled into one week each year just isn't possible - so it has to spill out into the rest of the year

my best, most faithful, earthly friend as my life partner - to quote the words of a song from many years ago, "I'm so happy to be stuck with [him]!"

17 years of highs and lows... together

blue eyes that still melt my heart

having a "big kid" as the daddy of my kids - he's an amazing daddy

that the kiddos recognize what a gift their daddy is

sneaking out for an impromptu lunch date, just the two of us, at our favorite restaurant

the joy, honor and wonder of being his wife

vacation mornings to sleep in, visit and drink coffee together without having to rush kids out the door to school

our favorite matching hammock chairs, on our front terrace, where we can listen to the parakeets 

7 year old boy who oozes enthusiasm for life and people

better than expected healing of Jonathan's eye

little guy who has been a good sport, wearing his eye patch or sunglasses, watching friends play instead of running and throwing and jumping with them, and having meds put in his eye four times daily

his gorgeous blue eyes, just like his daddy's, that we are still praying will have no lasting effects from this latest adventure

watching him curl up with a book, listening to him read as he enjoys this ever developping new skill

my little guy almost never forgets... he's better (and tons more fun!) than a calendar or a day-planner!

the emotions evoked by and memories attached to all of the fun photos of my little guy scattered throughout this post

doctors in the expat community who've so graciously helped us with our boy and his eye injury

ever present prayer support - and all we ever have to do is ask

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  1. God is ever faithful. What a beautiful family you have.


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