22 December 2011

It's vacation... Must be time for "Where's Waldo?" !!

Does anyone else remember vacation road trips spent pouring through those books trying to find the funny looking dude in the red and white striped shirt?

If you look carefully through these pictures, you'll find all the kiddos but one...

Some are easier to find than the others.

We're at one of our favorite family restaurants... big kids can take their books,

there are no size limits at the "playland,"

shoes are totally optional,

This one has a 6th sense when it comes to Mom prowling about with the camera and when to strike a pose.

She really enjoys finally being big enough to hang with her siblings instead of watching from the sidelines or being packed along on someone's back.

Did you figure out who I managed NOT to capture digitally with the camera?

Probably because that one is a perpetual motion machine until we unplug the kid before bed every night. Was also probably the one chasing the cats and toads that hang out at the restaurant's terrace, hoping for a handout!

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