04 October 2011

~ a wee hours of the morning update ~

It has been awhile….
A way too long while….
I’ve discovered that I not only like blogging, but that it is therapeutic, at least for this particular misso…
I have every intention to return to blogging as soon as I can…
Just so you know… we aren’t AWOL… our digital absence is not voluntary… it is forced…

And the craziest thing about it? Right now is the best internet we’ve had at our new house (we’ve been using a service provided through cell phones, but it is pretty  much limited to email and sporadic facebook) since we moved in nearly a month ago – and I’m sitting in the dark at 4:31 a.m. wondering if/when the power will come back on, enjoying some sort of internet connection and making granola by candlelight since I couldn’t sleep.

Please pray with us that the phone company decides to take care of whatever problems persist that are making it impossible for us to receive the internet service… for which we’ve already paid.

And, in case you were wondering?
I can hear the river right along with the clacking of computer keys… and there’s a lovely breeze coming through our front door.
Internet service means pictures… so pray with us!!!

Hope to post again... consistently... soon!

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