29 October 2011

(Edited post... 'cause I love these photos!  ~from the archives)

At 10 months, Elsie was not terribly interested in solid foods.
She'd eat applesauce, mashed bananas and mangoes, yogurt...
(Today? All of hose are all still some of her favorite foods... though she now prefers her bananas "like a monkey!" or mashed in banana bread.)
Occasionally she'd let me get a few bites of pasta or rice into her mouth...
(Today? She typically prefers the pasta or rice to whatever sauce goes with it, unless it is curry.)
But other than that, she totally prefered "mama milk."
... you handed her a french fry.

She LOVED french fries.
Is that a crazy "first food" for a baby?

She STILL gobbles french fries as fast as she can shove them in her mouth!


And our sweet kindergartener has a hollow leg when it comes to fries...
She is most often one of the first to notice if we order a plate to share at the pool...
She somehow senses... and comes right away... 
Then, she can grab and eat them, almost as fast as Rebekah and Nadia...
(Just in case you were wondering, that is faster than rapid.)
Guess you pick up that "survival" skill quickly when you are #7 out of 8!

Aren't these pics of her, eating "fry fries" from the summer of 07, just adorable? 

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