18 October 2011

Answers to Recent and Frequently Asked Questions...

With the dissolution of our sending organization in August, we've had lots of people writing and asking questions, especially now that some time has passed and the dust has settled... a bit. So... in case you were wondering, here are the answers to the questions we receive repeatedly, on a regular basis.

Are you in your new house?

Yep, and as soon as I get it clean and have the camera battery charged all at the same time, I plan to post pictures.

Are you going to be able to stay in your new house?

Don't know and don't know when we will. We hope to.

Did you find a new sending organization?

Yes, we are now with Faith Baptist Mission based out of Winterhaven, FL - and there are still tons of details to be worked out.

Do you plan to stay in Niger?

We plan to follow the Lord as He leads step by step for the future. We have no idea, yet, if we are planning to be here for the long or short term.

Are you still
  • putting radio programs on the air,
  • working with audiovisual tools to share the Gospel message to the people of Niger,
  • helping with local churches,
  • doing literacy work,
  • running a French language elementary school,
  • teaching at Sahel Academy,
  • raising 8 kids,
  • having your niece live and work with you this year?

Are you receiving support?

We received our support this week - only missed one month's worth of living support. Funds saved for future ministry and living expenses are now tied up in legal proceedings and we don't know if, when or how much of those funds we will ever be able to access.

How are you doing, financially?

God is taking care of us through the amazing generosity of His people who've been moved to give sacrificially to help us through this time of crisis. People have graciously allowed us to postpone payment until we are able - but we don't want to abuse that situation and biblically, we feel we are called to resolve our debts as soon as is possible. School tuition, plane tickets in the future... things like that, we don't know yet, but we are trusting Him to provide.

How are you doing, in every other way?

Emotionally and physically, we are tired. There have been many late and/or sleepless nights and many temptations to worry. Since the middle of August, our internet filter and virus protection program has scanned over 18 000 emails coming and going. That is a lot of work, in and of itself. Spiritually, we are learning to rest in contentment and gentle accept God's sovereignty over each day, giving it to Him and then leaving it in His hands. We re thankful that He is teaching us patience and grace in the face of unfairness and while facing some sometimes scary unknowns...

And my favorite question of all: Is it really possible that Brendan is in 11th grade?

Yes... we have a hard time believing it, too!

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