04 September 2011

Thought provoking quote...

"I was in Baghdad in March 2003, where I lived as a Christian and as a peacemaker during the “shock-and-awe” bombing.  I spent time with families, volunteered in hospitals, and learned to sing “Amazing Grace”… in Arabic.

There is one image of the time in Baghdad that will never leave me. As the bombs fell from the sky and smoke filled the air, one of the doctors in the hospital held a little girl whose body was riddled with missile fragments. He threw his hands in the air and said, 'This violence is for a world that has lost its imagination...'" 

I found this quote very convicting... violence - physical... verbal... mental... - most often indicates either an inability or an unwillingness to consider the possibilities... a refusal to imagine a different alternative...

Lord, the next time I feel the anger rising... the desire to say or think something ugly and mean...  the longing to slam a door or roughly throw the folded towels in the closet... wish to fix "someone" with an angry, withering glare... provoke the imagination and plant the seed of what You would rather see me do, and then don't let me rest until I obey.

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