08 September 2011

Scheduled moving day is...


...lots of progress has been made.
Still lots to do between then and now.
Pray, please!

Tim busy at work
Rebekah passing out the blondies she made to share with the guys working on the house.

Nadia and a friend who joined us in checking out the house.
Everyone enjoyed the brownies!
Great room, looking out the front door

three cheeky monkeys

Jon-man and one of his buddies - they came to help assemble/install fans.

looking out the front door, towards the studio

Tim's office in the new office building

I don't know why she looks like such a little street urchin...???

the boys' bathroom
the girls' bathroom
behind the house - they've started the exterior stucco finish

the loft - Tim is holding the ladder how it will be when finished.

the front door

terrace finish

the first walk-in closet I've every had (Tim says that ceiling access is where we'll hide the "sensitive" stuff!)

master bathroom (at least the shower part)

master bedroom

office/guest room

kitchen cabinets... I LOVE them!

countertop tiles and backsplash tiles

Tim hallucinating about washing dishes at the newly installed kitchen sink (and it will have hot water!)

Aren't they beautiful?

Once the tile work is done, we'll bring in the stove/oven and fridge - appropriate spaces are open, there on the right.

the boys' room

the front of the house... now we can drive up onto the carport, too!


  1. It's gorgeous! Praising God with you! YIPEEEE!

  2. wow! i LOVE IT! the kitchen is the best I have seen here in Niger. Huge and beautiful! So happy for you guys!

  3. WOW!! Gorgeous! Can't wait to see it!! Praying!

  4. Chantelle ~ it is an awesome kitchen and I love the fact that it is a great room, which means I'm not shoved off in some corner of the house preparing/cleaning up while everyone else is elsewhere...

    I can't wait to be there and be using it!

  5. 5 Nomads - can't wait for you to see it either! Safe travels, friend!


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