09 September 2011

Mullings and Musings...

  • "Worship Acceptable to God" (It has taken me forever to work through this... I share the link because I believe that anyone who takes the time to work through all of the Scripture referenced in this pose will be blessed and challenged... greatly...)
"It seems that we are all born with a deep desire to worship God.  We are born with a desire, not only to fellowship with Him, but also to humble ourselves before something or someone greater than ourselves, to worship, honor and utterly pour out our lives in service to God.  All over the world, peoples have willingly turned away from the one, true Creator God.  Yet still this desire to worship urges them to worship something, even if it is only a created thing, a heavenly body, an idol made of stone or metal, an idea, or a force.  We all worship.  Sadly, whenever our worship is misplaced, our desire for God remains and eats away within us."

  • "I want my Money!" (Hyperboly-ish... but true... bluntly, convictingly, unescapingly true.)
"...Perhaps it would actually help us to clench our wallets and scream “God, I want my money!” during the offeratory—it might help us understand the true folly of the way we make silly excuses to soothe our consciences for doing less than we could or ought."


"A hilarious letter from a little girl who "ran away" from home is cracking up parents today -- first because of the author's adorable attempt at spelling, and second because of her reasoning. Says the girl "I am runing away becas you think I farted when I dident. PS You are Mean." Go ahead, laugh. I did.

And then stop and think about the way you laugh at your kids. Especially when they're being super serious..."

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