06 September 2011

Little cuties...

School has started... though not how we'd been imagining...

We thought both of these two pipsqueaks would continue at Ecole Alliance, continuing the three days a week summer program they began in August.

God changed our minds suddenly and abruptly with the closing of our mission... and not having an immediate way to transfer funds and support from the States out here to Niamey... Prayerfully, and a bit sadly, we chose instead to place all of our "old-enough" children at Sahel Academy.

That leaves Mary Michelle as the only one at home in the mornings - and some afternoons. We knew that would be hard for her and was why we originally thought she'd go to the "pre-maternelle" program once Elsie Mae started kindergarten.

Mornings aren't quite so joyful for our "Don't be mad at me! I'm just the baby!" exclaiming one. Please pray that she adusts to being the only one home alone with Mama in the mornings...

Of course, she's convinced she's staying home, just to take care of Mama.

And, after yesterday evening, let me add...

Please keep Elsie Mae in your prayers.

Yesterday afternoon, she fell from a playground platform. According to her account of what happened, she was going to slide down the fireman's pole, she tripped, her hands missed the pole and she fell through the hole, 2 or so meters and landed on her left hip and backside. She seems to only be bruised and sore - it really hurts her hip, thigh and back to bend at the waist - as of last night. Maybe she'll wake up this morning with no complaints. She also has a nice scrape and tender spot over the lower ribs on her left side. Xrays didn't show anything definitive (whatever that means :-), so we are supposed to keep her relatively quiet for a week and see the doctor again next Monday.

Thankful the Holy Spirit prompted me to leave staff meeting early to get home... thankful her older siblings handled the emergency properly... thankful for the medical professionals who checked her out yesterday, spoiled her rotten and gave her lots of attention, which she loved and which cheered her spirits immensely... thankful it wasn't worse because it very easily could have been....

Never, ever a dull moment around here!

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  1. I love your kids to pieces - not IN pieces! I did enough falling for all of us. Your kids really don't need to do any more. I remember Tim telling me how he wished he could have come and visited me in the hospital after my fall. That's how I feel whenever any of you is hurt or sick (and that goes for Leandra too).


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