29 May 2011

a thought and a prayer request

A friend recently posted this as a fb status - and it was too good not to repeat, to share:

This is God's universe.
He does things His way.
You may have a "better" way;
but you don't have a universe!
~J Vernon McGee

This quote caught my eye - because of its truth and also because of who said it: J Vernon McGee, the radio preacher well-known for Thru the Bible - 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, systematic study through the Bible over a period of 5 years...

Which brings me to a huge prayer request - We want to put this program, in French, on the air here in Niger. Tim started downloading Genesis and Matthew from the website, but before he finished, they'd been removed from the website. Now we are trying to get the programs on CD.

We also need to secure funding for the program... we have 4.5 months committed - maybe a little more - but really feel we need 6 months before we can initiate actually purchasing the radio time.

Please pray ~

In this mostly illiterate, desert country where gravel washboard is a GREAT road - radio has been shown again and again as the most effective way to communicate with people, to make that initial introduction to Jesus and the message of a hope and a future...

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