19 May 2011

Clogged wishes ~ and water from Bethlehem's well...

I've been rereading Elisabeth Elliot's Passion and Purity... thinking I'm reading it to see if I think a few of my biggers are ready to read and discuss it as we do some of our home schooling over the summer months. The jury is still out on that decision - but it has been obvious that God has wanted me reading this book, as so much of what she shares, Scriptures to which she directs... it has all been directly applicable to present circumstances in my life. Let me share a few quotes - and these are just from the first few chapters...

"Steadfastness, that is holding on;
patience, that is holding back;
expectancy, that is holding the face up;
obedience, that is holding one's self in readiness to go or do;
listening, that is holding quiet and still so as to hear."

followed by this prayer written in her journal:
"How long, Lord, must I wait?
Never mind, child. Trust me..."
(Elliot was quoting SD Gordon, in his Quiet Talks on Prayer)

Can any of you
relate to any of these sentiments?

"What has been like water from the well of Bethlehem to you recently? Love, friendship, spiritual blessing? Then at the peril of  your soul you take it to satisfy yourself. If you do, you cannot pour it out before the Lord. How am I to pour out spiritual gifts, or natural friendship, or love? How can I give them to the Lord? In one way only - in the determination of the mind, and that takes about two seconds. If I hold spiritual blessings or friendship for myself they will corrupt me, no matter how beautiful they are., I have to pour them out before the Lord, give them to  Him in my mind., though it looks as if I am wasting them, even as David poured the water out on the sand, to be instantly sucked up." (quoting Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest)

" 'Clogged with wishes.' I was wishing that my wishes were what God wished, and if my wishes were not what God wished, I wished that I could wish that my wishes would go away, but the wishes were still there..."

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