13 May 2011

Mullings & Musings

  • "Machines - Virtually Led Movements" (I'm curious... what do you think, how do you feel, about the use of technology to evangelize and disciple others, literally, around the world?)
"I have a hard time believing that disembodied, virtual discipleship is as effective as face-to-face. But my friend Ken set me straight by putting it all in Scriptural context. “More and more people are influencing others through social networks, not face-to-face,” he said.  ”Paul & Barnabas would have loved to have these tools. In their day, they also used proxies like letters or emissaries, which allowed them to spread the gospel without being physically present.” Point taken."

  • "So this is poverty?" (Been such a privilege and delight to work with and get to know this gal this year... and my girlies will miss her something awful when she returns to Canada this summer.)
"Our conversation is not punctuated by the normalcy of the life I know, there is no fan whirring above, no light-bulb buzzing, no computer gently droning from the heat. There is nothing to rush to, or through, no checklists to finish or resume to pad. It who you are that matters most..."

"Cows grazed on green grass. Healthy, well-fed, and free to roam, they produced a nutrient-dense, thick, white liquid which was relished either straight from the cow (raw) or turned into cultured dairy for short-term storage or delectable hard cheeses for long-term storage.

It was neither heated to death at ultra-high temperatures, nor were its fat molecules shaken until they shattered into minuscule pieces. It was not demonized as a health hazard, declared to be bacterially unsafe, and the cream was a valuable commodity, considered a boon for raising chubby and rosy cheeked toddlers that grew into sturdy young men and women.

Today, we see a very different picture..."

"Do you agree with this statement about obedience: 'If you follow and obey God, it will always work out for God. There’s no promise about it working out for you?' " 

"Do you think in Christian circles, we assume 'successful' obedience has more merit than 'unsuccessful' obedience?"
"Why are we not somber?"

Photo by AC.

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