22 May 2011

Satisfied with Good...

Are you ever amazed to read older books by men and women of faith... and find that the same stuggles in your life were addressed 100 years ago... 500 years ago... 2000 years ago...???

I'm reading Waiting on God by Andrew Murray, first printed in 1890 (I think). It is supposed to be a 31 day devotional - but I find myself stopping and chewing on a few paragraphs at a time. The Holy Spirit has stopped me cold in my tracks as I've been thinking, praying and meditating on these two verses (and some of Murray's corresponding remarks) for the last several days:

These wait all upon Thee,
That Thou mayest give them their meat in due season.
That Thou givest unto them, they gather;
Thou openest Thine hand, they are satisfied with good.
Psalm 104.27,28

"This Psalm... sums up the whole relation of all creation to its Creator, and its continuous and universal dependence upon Him.... Just as much as it was God's work to create, it is His work to maintain....The whole creation is ruled by the one unalterable law of -- waiting on God! [Waiting on God] is simply and truly our restoration to our original destiny and our highest nobility, to our true place and glory as creatures blessedly dependent on the All-Glorious God." 
If I believe God is good... that all that comes from His hand is good - I must make the choice to be satisfied... not "clogged with wishes" for different, for change, for other, for my choice...

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