15 February 2010

Interesting and Thought Provoking Riddle...

Do you like riddles? We do... Here's one that has provoked some interesting thoughts, and I can't wait to discuss it a bit with our older kids, too. Do you know the answer?

A young man was sent to observe a feast in hell, and he immediately remarked that the condemned had been given sharpened sticks with which to eat, each one as long as a man is tall . The famished souls tried as hard as they could, but could never reach their mouths with the meat they impaled. This, in turn, led to fighting and cursing. The sad young man was then escorted to heaven where the angels were inviting the pardoned to engage in the same activity. The heavenly residents were handed the same sharpened sticks with which to eat. Yet in heaven, each was able to enjoy the good meat, as well as much joy and fellowship.

How could this be so?


  1. in heaven the people fed each other????

  2. In heaven they quit complaining and figured out how to make it work.

  3. i was going to say...they serve each other...mom~ster

  4. read tuesday's post... it contains the answer to the riddle, plus the gist of our discussion.


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