08 February 2010

All the King's Horses and...

...all the king's men have finally connected us once again!

They must have felt sorrier for us than they did for Humpty...

This week is a crazy week for our family. Tim is at a pastor's conference in Minnesota and it is Spirit/Homecoming Week for the kids at school with tons of extra stuff and dress-up/costume days every day. I've also got tons of ideas for blog posts I've been wanting to do. That forced fast from the Internet must have flowered my imagination. *grin* And that doesn't even touch all the photos I'm still wanting to post from before the holiday rush. I'm just hoping I have computer time before I start to forget... we are getting older, after all... Tim especially... today's his birthday... and it is one of those decade ones...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best daddy and hubby EVER!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Tim. I sorted through a box where cards for major events (our wedding and the children's arrivals) have been accumulating for the past 14+ years ;o) yikes. Anywho-ha--I found a wedding card from you. Made me chuckler...who would have thought we'd be long distance friends all these years later.

    Jodi Rice


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