09 February 2010

Fabulously Fondantly Fun

One of my goals each furlough year is to try new recipes... learn some new things that I can prepare for my family's enjoyment... this year, I wanted to learn how to make and use fondant to ice and decorate cakes. Part of the challenge includes finding recipes where all of the ingredients (or acceptable substitutes) can be regularly procured in Niger. The fondant recipe only requires generally available products, so I've been having fun...

Nadia's birthday cake, however, has been by far my favorite. Not only was it fun to do, Nadia was delighted!

Even the littlest ones could help roll the snowballs, too... however, I must disclose that the ones they rolled tended to end up eaten and not on the cake!

Doesn't it look like fun?


  1. wow,richelle, that looks amazing! i can see how this very theme would be welcome to your kids when you return. :)


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