15 September 2008

Birthday Picnic on the Plateau

The Plateau, just a bit northwest of town and overlooking the river, is one of our favorite places to go. It is out of the city, away from the noise, the sunset is usually beautiful... when you throw in great friends - it all makes for a wonderful evening.

The evenings activities included a meal, birthday cupcakes, little red wagon rides, fencing, donkey rides, a bonfire, lots of clouds but no rain, fun conversation and kangaroo rat hunting. What more could you want?

Didn't snap many photos, but here are a few...

The flash didn't go off on this one - so we have the blurry, photo by firelight look... the wind was blowing just enough and the matches here are poor enough quality that Tim actually had to stick the candle into our bonfire to get it to light. Jonathan was worried he was going to burn up the candle before Elsie Mae got to blow it out.

Elsie Mae was all ready to blow her candle out - but Jonathan beat her to it! I think she liked the pink lemonade frosting on her cupcake - since she ate that and left the cake!

Nadia and one of Elsie Mae's friends who joined us for the picnic. You can also read about our evening from their perspective at their blog page.

Isn't she a cutie-pie? Not only were we glad for the opportunity for a family outing - we were delighted to be able to celebrate our Elsie Mae!

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