01 September 2008

Anna's Doing a Happy Dance Today!

Anna lost a tooth last night... one of her top two front teeth... And actually, her dad finally just yanked it out since it was hanging by a thread (literally), she was complaining she couldn't eat with it, and she was making that tooth do disgusting things that were really turning the tummy of her pregnant mother...

So why is she doing the happy dance? Because last night, the "tooth fairy" just happened to not be broke (finally)! She was quite excited to find a 500 fcfa piece under her pillow, inside the ziplock bag where she left her tooth last night. I think she's planning to buy one of those rolls of foot long bubble gum at the Rec Center next time we go. Hopefully I won't be trying to wash it out of her hair before church late Saturday night/early Sunday morning...

Tooth fairy design from Skye Aurora Designs.
Bubble blowing picture is from Smile Wizard newsletter, vol 3.


  1. When I was little, I loved bubble gum so much that, on the occasion of a lost tooth, the tooth fairy often skipped the money and left the bubble gum. I think I was probably a whole lot younger than Anna when this happened but I did love to pull it and stretch it out of my mouth and blow bubbles, of course and I ended up getting it stuck in my hair. I know my mother was ecstatic about that!

  2. That's funny! When Isabell lost her last tooth - the "fairy" was so tired, she accidentally left 3 quarters and a chucke cheese coin. It's hard to see at 4:00 am. :)

    Praying for you guys!

    Barb Dodge


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