19 September 2008

Riding Lessons

Rebekah seems to be enjoying her riding lessons - she actually felt comfortable at a gallop yesterday! Galloping was most definitely out of her "comfort zone" at first. She says riding English style is so very different than riding on a western saddle, with a horn you can hold on to. English style, you hang on by squeezing the horse with your legs and balancing/moving with the animal. And it looked so easy in the equestrian competitions we saw at the Olympics!

Next week, she starts group lessons that last an hour instead of the "trial" individual 1/2 hour lessons she has had the past two weeks... if I understood everything her instructor was saying to her! And just in case you were curious, the name of the horse she has been riding is Mistral. We have no idea who she will be riding next week... so stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. Way to ride Rebekah!
    You look like a PRO!


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